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Druding report from Nebraska pipeline hearing

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thanks BG

for the heads up on the movie being shown there in Tulsa

I will forward in the cc category to the folks there in AR who are centrally involved with 350 dot org. Their email addresses are in the cc category.

My wife and I are in Nebraska having attended the SOLE State Dept public hearing about the kxl export pipeline yesterday.

It is quite clear that Obama was shrewd only allowing the kxl export pipeline to be constructed in TX and OK but refused to allow it being built here in the northern portion of its proposed route.

contrary to the generally more fossil fuel friendly environment that exists in those southern states people here, both Native  and non-Native, are galvanized in their opposition to this export pipeline,
they repeatedly referred to themselves as “patriots”, these folks are dead serious about resisting this foreign petro corp land grab that poses a grave threat to the land & precious aquifer here, their farms and ranches, that sadly clearly has the support of our corrupt state and federal govts

as Brenda stated during the Mar 24 kxl pipeline truthforce educational forum in OK:
"In OK there are...39 federally recognized tribes...reach out to your tribal leaders...the kxl pipeline is coming through 13 tribal nations here in OK and only one, the Sac & Fox, has stood up and said "No" to the pipeline.”

the day long supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) hearing for the State Dept determination about the future of the kxl export pipeline yesterday took place during a raging snow storm with 45mph gale force winds coming out of the north & was attended by no less than 800 to a thousand people while the area schools were all closed after less than 3 weeks notice

I suspect that some of these families in NE who have owned their farms for 5 & 6 generations are not going to be as pliable and clearly are going to put up much more of a fight than landowners in OK did where TransCanada (TC) did not have to resort to any land confiscation thru eminent domain condemnation to acquire the land needed to run the pipeline thru that state

before allowing a foreign petro corp to come and seize their farms and ranches here in NE regardless of whether their federal gov't has sold them out or not these people are clearly going to put up a principled fight

while the city & state non-representative gov'ts marched in lockstep to the command of the moneyed corp interests who will profit from this toxic pipeline, the people who were in attendance at this public hearing did NOT

of the over 300 people who patiently waited for their 3min to speak only 23 spoke in support of this foreign land grab to build this export pipeline, all 23 were financially invested and the orange t-shirted "workers", who were paid by and bussed in from depressed communities from southern states by TransCanada to attend, none of whom were instructed to speak, just clapped when instructed to do so, had their heart in their corp paid "job" at the hearing

my wife spoke with 2 of these guys all wearing TC supplied new brite orange beanies and vests who explained to her they just plain needed a job and turned out to be supportive of her criticism of TC as they listening to what she was explaining to them, I heard two fellows tell her "we are listening to you"

the local solid people with their farms literally IN THEIR BLOOD see themselves as stewards of the land and understand the crucial importance of the Ogallala aquifer with its porous sand vulnerability to the inevitable toxic export pipeline leak

several of these family farm land owners and Native tribe elders stated there would be "blood spilled" if TC attempted to force this toxic pipeline upon them

and many also made mention that this will be the defining decision by our President that will determine what his lasting legacy will be

I stand with the people of NE, both Native and non-Native, and apparently thruout the northern portion of the proposed kxl export pipeline construction route and their united opposition to this toxic export pipeline, I hope President Obama will also
NO to the kxl pipeline, david d
PS I have attached a couple photos from our prehearing wait at the Heartland Event Center in Grand Island, NE yesterday. Also I want to thank Jim Tarnick where pipeline opposition groups BOLD NE &ALL RISK NO REWARD hosted a great dinner and live music get together that allowed us to do some startegizing the nite before the hearing.

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