Sunday, December 16, 2012

Landowners may get a few bucks from tracking for natural gas but may not be able to live in their homes anymore

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Did you know that even though you could own the land on which your home is built, you might not own what lies underneath? Countless people in communities in the west are experiencing that right now.

You would think that our communities should automatically be a no frack-zone, but there's a lot going on below the surface. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is leasing mineral rights to natural gas companies even though our communities may sit directly above the natural gas.

So who should be protected? The millions of people who live in these communities, breathe the air, and may even rely on ground water for their drinking water? Or the interests of companies that have bought mineral rights so they can profit even more?

Let's get 30,000 letters to President Obama by Wednesday telling him to protect our communities from natural gas drilling and to pass strong rules for drilling on public lands. Send your letter today.

Right now, the White House and BLM are taking another look at their outdated rules for fracking on over 750 million acres of public, private, and Native lands. This is your opportunity to make sure protecting our air, water, and public health are the first things BLM must commit to before allowing any fracking to move forward.

The natural gas industry wants as little oversight as possible, but we know fracking shouldn't be allowed in our backyards or playgrounds, that open pits of fracking chemicals are dangerous, and that companies need to publicly disclose the toxic chemicals in their secret fracking "cocktails". Now is the time to tell the White House that the rights of people who live in communities above or near these leased mineral areas -- the right to clean air and clean water -- are what should guide any proposed rules for fracking.

Will you tell President Obama to put health of your community comes first? With millions of people at risk, we cannot afford to get this wrong.

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment,

Deb Nardone
Director, Beyond Natural Gas Campaign
Sierra Club

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