Friday, April 16, 2010

Fracturing for fuel ought to be outlawed, many say: Will it happen?

Item from environmental email list.
Names omitted to protect those guilty of actually thinking about the situation and commenting:

In yesterday's Dem/Gazette, a front-page article said that Exxon is seriously concerned that Congress might outlaw hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or pass regulations that make the practice too expensive to use.  Such a law would, of course, be wonderful for the immediate environment such as water resources near the natural gas sites, and is also essential for eventually solving global warming because we're doomed if we go ahead and exploit all these "unconventional" fossil fuel resources.  What do you know about efforts to pass such a federal law?  How can we help pass such a law?  

A related thought:  Either a carbon tax, or a cap & trade system, would increase the cost of producing natural gas and might make fracturing unprofitable compared with other energy sources.  

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